March 20, 2007

Forum-based ‘community’ for envspace issues

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AboutMyPlanet is a (relatively) new site like WorldChanging, TreeHugger, etc., only with a forum. Could be useful—


August 8, 2006

cuenv 2.0

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cuenv 2.0 is up! Please go check it out. It’s got all the functionality of this site and lots of other cool stuff. Plus, it looks prettier.

July 9, 2006

cuenv Fall 2006 Plans

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Starting in August I’ll be working for Columbia Housing and Dining to formalize the Eco-Reps program. I’ll be conducting the majority of the outreach here on the blog, and encouraging people with opinions and feedback to provide them in the form of comments. Once classes start, I plan to shift the ‘events’ content of the site over to a web-based calendar like that offered by Brown Bear Software, and shift the posted content here to focus on things like event wrap-ups, outreach and collaboration among student groups, and policy discussion. Check out the cuenv project page on my personal site or send me an email if you’re interested or want to help out.

– Six

May 16, 2006

Full-Time Analyst/Engineer Opening at EPA Clean Energy Program

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For all of you seniors still scrambling to get a job–how does $36,671 – $100,554 sound?

Program Analyst/Engineer

EPA’s Clean Energy-Environment State Partnership Program seeks an energetic person to help provide technical assistance to states pursuing clean energy efforts, including programs to support energy efficiency, renewable energy and clean distributed generation. He or she would be responsible for a range of analytic efforts to support this program that works with state energy, environmental and utility regulatory officials across the country. The ideal candidate will have a strong analytical background, combined with excellent writing skills, and experience working on clean energy policies, ideally at the state and/or local level. Duties would include: researching, analyzing and documenting state clean energy best practices; helping assess co-benefits associated with a range of policies and programs; assisting senior staff in preparing presentations and guidance documents for the states; managing grant solicitations and contracts; and, assisting with outreach efforts.

For more information about the EPA Clean Energy-Environment State Partnership Program, visit the EPA site.

Send a resume and cover letter to Julie Rosenberg at if you're interested.

Eduardo Galeano and Arundhati Roy at the Town Hall

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The Lannan Foundation and the Center for Economic Research and Social Change are cosponsoring a joint appearance by renowned Lannan Prize-winning author-activists Eduardo Galeano and Arundhati Roy at the Town Hall (at 123 West 43rd St) at 7 PM on Sunday 5/21. Tickets are $15 and are on sale at the Town Hall Box Office and on Ticketmaster.

Sorry, did I say Arundhati Roy is going to be there? 'Cause, Arundhati Roy is going to be there.

May 4, 2006

“Are You Green?”: Green Drinks at The Park

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I realize this is during finals, but if you need to unwind next week with some intelligent, talented and motivated people…

WHAT: Every month people who work in the environmental field meet up for a beer at informal sessions known as Green Drinks – it’s a chance to mix with other like-minded folks, to network, share info and make friends.
WHEN: Tuesday, 5/9; 6PM – 11PM
WHERE: A different place each month. Join us this month at “The Park” (in the PENTHOUSE – upstairs with an outside deck):
118 Tenth Avenue at 18th Street, West Side, New York City
Telephone: 212-352-3313.
$5 suggested donation.
Happy hour drinks until 10 pm.
Come inside and walk to the back stairs, we will be upstairs – or ask for the Penthouse.
HOW: Walk, cycle, bus, subway, taxi (ok if more than two passengers.)
WHO: Anyone working on environmental issues, studying them, thinking green, likes networking, and being social.
WHY: Fun, contacts, alcohol, info, gossip, inspiration, business and pleasure.
NEW: Just go up to someone and say “are you green?”, and you’ll be made welcome.
STATUS: Informal, self-organizing network. Every month since July, 2001. Average attendance: 100.
GLOBAL: London | Berlin | Bristol | Bath | Canberra | Hamburg | Munich | Oxford | Reading | Warsaw | Tokyo | Washington, DC | Peterborough | San Francisco | Chicago | Sacramento | New York City | Providence | Twin Cities | Portland, OR | Seattle | Houston


About green-links AND GREEN DRINKS

green-links is an online resource for the environmental community in New York City, providing a clearinghouse for all things ‘green’ in the city. This includes event announcements, articles, job listings and more.

Green Drinks is the offline counterpart to green-links, providing the opportunity for ‘green’ folks to meet up with each other once a month in a casual and fun environment to share information, make friends, and network, face-to-face.

Both green-links and Green Drinks are meant to help bring together the environmental community in New York City. As such, they depend on YOU to make them great. If you have suggestions, questions or comments, or wish to subscribe to our mailing list, drop us a line.


April 29, 2006

Mukhtar Mai Speaks at the UN

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Thanks to Anastasia at The Hunger Project for the heads-up on this:

On May 2nd, 2006 Ms. Mukhtar Mai will return to New York to speak at The United Nations. Honored as "Woman of the Year" by Glamour magazine, Mai was gang raped in 2002 on the orders of a panchayat, or tribal court, as retribution for an offense allegedly committed by her younger brother. Defying social stigma and the culture of shame surrounding rape victims in Pakistan, Mai not only spoke out about her rape, but in an act of unprecedented courage, took her rapists to court. In a remarkable effort to challenge a system designed to deny women justice, Mai has been fighting an uphill legal battle for the past three years. She is now appealing her case before the Pakistani Supreme Court following a lower court's release of five of the acquitted men charged of the crime.

The event will take place Tuesday 5/2 at 12 PM in Conference Room 8 at the United Nations HQ at 46th St & 1st Ave. Admission is free, but attendees are asked to RSVP to More background information is available on the Mukhtar Mai Wikipedia entry; more information about the event is available on the Virtue Foundation event page.

April 27, 2006

CUPID Panel: The Adverse Effects of Imbalanced Media Coverage on African Development

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Tonight (Thursday 4/27) from 6 to 8 PM in 1118 IAB, CUPID will hold a panel discussion on the adverse effect of imbalanced media coverage on African development. Anyone who has been paying attention to development issues in Africa knows that this is a fairly nontrivial problem. CUPID addresses the issues with a typically star-studded panel:

Africans have long bemoaned what they consider to be sensationalistic and pessimistic American news coverage of their continent, citing pervasive coverage of such “negative” topics like AIDS, famine and civil conflicts. Many argue that the incessant image of a dysfunctional Africa makes attracting investors an arduous task for some deserving African countries. If investment opportunities fail to find their way into Africa, jobs, and hence, wealth will not be created. Thus, some argue, Africa’s pessimistic and sensationalistic media image comes at a decidedly high cost.

At this event, a four-person panel will explore the validity of this development theory, addressing the following: “Does news coverage of Africa really focus on pessimistic and sensationalistic topics any more than other world regions, and why?” “If yes, do journalists have a duty to do more “positive” African stories?” “How exactly does this coverage impact economic development?” “How can African and American journalists better project Africa in a more comprehensive and holistic light?”

A panel discussion featuring:

Prof. Bill Berkeley, School of International and Pubic Affairs, Columbia University. Bill Berkeley is an Adjunct Professor of International Affairs at SIPA and the author of The Graves Are Not Yet Full — Race, Tribe and Power in the Heart of Africa (2001). He is a former reporter and editorial writer for The New York Times, and for more than a decade he reported on African affairs for The Atlantic Monthly, The New Republic, The Washington Post and the New York Times Magazine.

Milton Allimadi, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of The Black Star News. Milton Allimadi attended the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University before commencing a career that includes stints at The Journal of Commerce, The Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. In 1997, Allimadi founded The Black Star News, a publication that prides itself as the voice for under-represented people. Mr. Allimadi is also the author of the best-selling book The Hearts of Darkness, How White Writers Created the Racist Image of Africa.

Professor Beverly G. Hawk, Miles College (Birmingham, Alabama). Dr. Beverly Hawk is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Miles College, where she teaches international studies, public administration and government. In 1992, the Society of Professional Journalists conferred Dr. Hawk with the prestigious Sigma Delta Chi Award Medallion for her work Africa’s Media Image, a collection of writings by leading journalists and scholars that has shaped the field of study. In 2000, the U.S. Secretary of Education and the U.S. Secretary of State joined to honor Dr. Hawk with the Millennium International Volunteer Award for initiatives in pursuit of international understanding.

Professor Asgede Hagos, Delaware State University. Dr. Asgede Hagos is a Professor of Mass Communications at Delaware State University. He is the author of Hardened Images: The Western Media and the Marginalization of Africa. Dr. Hagos is also President of the Organization of Eritrean Americans.

The event is sponsored by The Institute of African Studies (IAS), The Africana Association (Columbia Business School) and International Media and Communications, SIPA (IMC).

Food will be involved.

Gulati’s Last Principles Lecture

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Aditi reminded me that Sunil Gulati's famous end-of-the-semester Principles of Economics lecture is today (Thursday 4/27) at 2:40 PM in 417 IAB. This lecture is something unequivocally everyone should see at least once before they leave Columbia.

BBC Article: Jeff Skolls (not Sachs!) on Social Entrepreneurship

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A BBC arcticle entitled Young, Gifted, and Not-for-Profit talks about a new generation of people who want to solve some of the world’s most persistent problems are mixing successful elements of business and charity into the practice of social entrepreneurship. This piece profiles a few of the pioneers in this rapidly expanding non- or low-profit field.

Meet Jeff Skoll, of the Skoll Foundation, based in Silicon Valley USA which has fundedthe study of social entrepreneurship. Skoll is a young businessman who made a fortune as president of Ebay, but who now devotes himself to backing films and encouraging social entrepreneurs in a hurry to change the world.

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