January 25, 2006

Food Sustainability Project Partners with Housing and Dining to Form Group for Environmental Opportunities

Posted in cu groups and events at 2:38 pm by cuenv-main

The Food Sustainability Project has been working with Housing and Dining and the university administration to bring local produce into the dining halls over the past two years. Now they’re partnering with Housing and Dining to form GEO, the Group for Environmental Opportunities:

Since direct dialogue has been important to FSP, we have talked with Larry [Levitas, director of Dining Services] about forming a group known as GEO: Group for Environmental Opportunities. GEO would be an attempt to bring together undergraduate environmental student groups with Columbia administration to discuss specific environmental goals concerning Columbia Housing and Dining. There are two reasons for this group: If we work together on specific environmental tasks we will get more accomplished at a quick rate. Also, if we work with certain projects in GEO, there will be a body to keep projects going even when student leaders graduate.

Their first meeting is this Friday 1/27 at 11 AM in 102 Wallach. Email Coogan Brennan if you’re interested.


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