January 29, 2006

StartingBloc 2006 Institute for Social Innovation: Event 1 Wrap-up

Posted in other groups and events at 4:50 pm by cuenv-main

So yesterday I was at Wharton for the first event in the 2006 StartingBloc Institute for Social Innovation, and all I have to say is–wow. I could ramble on for a while, but in the spirit of concision I’ll simply say that the program focuses on making participants aware of opportunities and methods available for doing socially and environmentally beneficial things in the for-profit, nonprofit, and government sectors, and on creating networks to enable cooperation across sectors in those kind of endeavors.

Speakers included two of the founders of the Social Venture Network, an officer in the Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Competitiveness Group at the World Bank Institute, and others with incredible experience and accomplishment. The other participants of the program were similarly impressive; sitting at a table with people–just a year or two older than myself–who have been in the Peace Corps, founded “a few businesses”, and sat on state educational policy boards is both inspiring and (I’ll be honest) a little intimidating. Anyway, I would recommend applying to the program next year to–well, anyone.

For more details I’ll refer you to their website; if all goes as planned, I’ll be able to post at least audio recordings of some of the speakers from the first event within a month or so.


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