February 11, 2006

Housing & Dining, University Administration at Large Interested in Working with Students

Posted in cu official shenanigans at 10:40 am by cuenv-main

On Thursday I met with Scott Wright, associate VP of student services and a member of the Environmental Stewardship Task Force recently formed by the administration. He said that the administration in general is very much interested in working with students but that administrators in general have neither the time nor the expertise to fund feasibility research into potential on-campus greening projects. If however a student (or group) were to come to the task force having already completed some preliminary research (cost/benefit analysis, expertise and infrastructure needed, timeframe estimate, etc.) on a project, the task force would consider funding it if it appeared feasible. So basically we need some feasibility studies. Some projects that come to mind:

  • Motion-detecting light switches in more places in residence halls (currently they are installed in many of the computer labs)
  • A green roof pilot project
  • A solar energy pilot project (for example, powering a dorm room, computer lab, or lounge with a small solar power generation system)

It seems that these would be appropriate as independent research or senior design projects. If anybody is interested in working on a feasibility study for something like this (or if you have better and more clever ideas), let me know; I’d love to help you put a team together and put you into contact with the right people in the administration.


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