March 4, 2006

CUPID Panel: Nonformal Education

Posted in cu groups and events at 12:47 pm by cuenv-main

The excellent people of the Columbia University Partnership for International Development are hosting a forum on “Nonformal Education: Approaches in the Pursuit of True Education for All”:

With the introduction of such global measures as ‘Education For All’, it is apparent that those in the development field place great value in the potential of education. In the attempt to meet standards such as the UN Development Goals, education has come to be seen as a panacea for all levels of social ills. With the understanding that formal schooling does not reach everyone, alternatives such as ‘nonformal education’ have been developed to reach those outside the formal system.

This event will be a multidisciplinary forum to discuss questions such as: What is nonformal education? What is the difference between formal, informal and nonformal education? In what situations is nonformal education appropriate? Is nonformal education a viable educational strategy for development? A group of students from across Columbia Graduate Schools will be discussing these and other queries, as well as presenting case study examples from their own experiences and research.

The forum will be at the Teachers College, in Grace Dodge Hall Room 179, at 5 PM on Tuesday 5/7.


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