March 6, 2006

World Game Simulation

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Toward Reconciliation, Columbia’s International Affairs Undergraduate Student Society, is inviting all members of the Columbia University community to participate in a World Game Simulation on April 8, 2006. This day-long workshop will provide participants with a multi-faceted opportunity to engage issues of global political and economic development. The workshop will feature both an Earth Institute presentation on the Millennium Development Goals and the innovative World Game Simulation, which will allow participants to “run the world” for the afternoon.

The World Game simulates the next 30 years of global economic development. Players represent geopolitical regions, multinational conglomerates of corporations and global organizations dedicated to special issues (health, education, human rights and the environment). Empowered by tools and techniques in the game, individuals define, understand, and solve regional and global problems. Teams trade resources both concrete and abstract: wealth, technology, solutions, infrastructure, natural resources and more. Players try to “win the game” by raising their wealth scores, and the facilitator and multimedia help translate those game actions into real-world terms. By the end of the workshop, simple game tokens come to stand for millions of people and billions of dollars in the minds of the players; the simple act of “winning” gives way to an enhanced understanding of interdependence.

11 am “The Millennium Development Goals”
Presented by the Earth Institute
Auditorium, Alfred Lerner Hall

12 pm FREE Lunch for all participants
Lobby North, Alfred Lerner Hall (outside Auditorium)

1 pm World Game Simulation
Auditorium, Alfred Lerner Hall

4 pm Reception/Discussion
Lobby North, Alfred Lerner Hall

Email to register.


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