March 13, 2006

Gerald Navratil Lecture, “Bold Step by the World to Fusion Energy: ITER”

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Prof. Gerald A. Navratil of the Applied Physics Department–and, incidentally, of the ITER Project Advisory Committee–is lecturing about ITER at 5 PM next Tuesday 3/21 in the Davis Auditorium in Schapiro CEPSR:

Bold Step by the World to Fusion Energy: ITER

One of the top scientific ‘grand challenges’ has been to harness the
nuclear fusion process that heats the stars and lights up the visible
universe for practical energy generation here on earth. After nearly a
half century of research, the scientific knowledge base is in hand to
design an experimental facility to produce the first controlled ‘burn’
of a fusion plasma that would be the fusion energy equivalent of
Fermi’s first self-sustained fission chain reaction in uranium at the
University of Chicago stadium in 1942. Seven international partners
(Europe, Japan, China, Korea, Russia, India, and the United States) are
working together to take this historic step to fusion energy with the
ITER Project. ITER will be sited in France and hosted by Europe which
has agreed to put up half of the construction cost, with the other half
provided equally by the other six non-host partners. When completed it
will be the largest international science project ever constructed. The
2006 Con Edison Lecture by Prof. Gerald A. Navratil, the Thomas Alva
Edison Professor of Applied Physics, will review the history of the
quest for fusion energy and describe the plans for this bold step by
the world to fusion energy.

Reception (which presumably means “free food”) to follow the lecture.


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