March 20, 2006

Amnesty International Panel: Tackling the Crisis in Darfur

Posted in cu groups and events at 11:18 pm by cuenv-main

The CU chapter of Amnesty International is holding a discussion panel this Wednesday 3/22 on Strategies & Solutions: Tackling the Crisis in Darfur. (For those of you unfamiliar with the crisis in Darfur, that would be the hundreds of thousands of people who have been killed by other people in the Darfur region in western Sudan in the last eighteen months.) Panelists:

  • John Prendergast, Senior Advisor for International Crisis Group, former Special Advisor to the US State Department, and former Director of African Affairs on the National Security Council
  • William G. O’Neill, Co-author of the Brookings Institution Report on the African Unionr and Darfur, Legal Consultant to the UN Human Rights Field Operation in Rwanda, and former Deputy Director of the Lawyers’ Committee for Human Rights
  • Zubaida Rasul, Programme Specialist at the United Nations Population Fund
  • Denise Bell, Coordinator of the Amnesty International NYC Darfur Action Team, Chair of the Committee on War Crimes against Women, and Coordinator of the NYC Women’s Human Rights Action Team

The discussion will be at 8 PM in 517 Hamilton.


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