March 21, 2006

Free Lightbulbs!

Posted in cu groups and events, cu official shenanigans at 6:51 am by cuenv-main

Our friends at EarthCo have written to inform us that Housing & Dining is giving away free energy-efficient lightbulbs this Wednesday and Thursday 3/22 and 3/23 in Woodbridge and Watt:

Trade your 100 watt incandescent bulb for a 27 watt fluorescent bulb…for FREE. It’s the same tone as an incandescent bulb, you can use in your desk lamps, torches, whatever and it looks exactly the same.

Columbia Housing and Dining has purchased 700 energy-efficient
lightbulbs to be distributed on campus. Woodbridge and Watt has
more lightbulbs than overhead fixtures, so we are setting up shop
there, but anyone can stop by and grab a free, awesome lightbulb.

Please let Columbia know you care about saving energy so they don’t
think this investment was worthless. Tell your friends, especially
those in Watt and Woodbridge, to come by and effortlessly contribute
towards sustainability.

EarthCo will be in Woodbridge on Wednesday 3/22 from 3 to 7 PM and in Watt on Thursday 3/23 from 3 to 7 PM. Free food will also be in those places at those times.

Also, I have one of the lightbulbs. They are pretty much identical to your regular incandescent bulb in terms of color, but take about 30 seconds to get up to full brightness, so don’t freak out if you get one and it’s not immediately super-bright.


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