March 22, 2006

Internship with Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful

Posted in internships and jobs at 12:09 am by cuenv-main

Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful is looking for summer interns:

Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful’s internship program offers college students an exciting opportunity to work with inner-city communities on the planning and implementation of service learning projects. The focus of each project is decided by the community partners and can range from murals to community parks and gardens.

During the summer of 2006, the ten week internships program will place seven intern teams in cities throughout Pennsylvania. The teams will be made up of two or three students from a mix of academic disciplines. To help the teams become members of their community, all interns will be able to live close to their projects.

By the end of the summer, interns will have a better understanding of how their enthusiasm and newly acquired college skills can benefit a community. Interns can also expect to learn valuable life lessons and skills from their community partners.


  • College GPA of B- or higher
  • Be a sophomore, junior, senior, or masters candidate
  • Commit to a three day training program in Philadelphia from 5/23 to 5/26
  • Commit to working for ten weeks on your project, from 5/23 to 8/4.

If you’re interested, email Anjana Sharma, a Columbia senior who participated in the program, or Jesse Hunting at Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful for more details.


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