March 28, 2006

Immigration Bill to criminalize activities affecting illegal immigrants

Posted in articles, cu official shenanigans at 11:23 pm by Aditi Sriram

The North County Times talks in more detail about an idea that Samantha Powers, Pulitzer Prize winner and Harvard Professor of Law brought up during the Emma Lazarus talk on Monday evening in Low Rotunda. Responding to comments by former Columbia President George Rupp, who now directs The International Rescue Committee (IRC), she mentioned a new bill to be passed in Congress. She was accompanied by Pulitzer Prize winner and New York Times reporter Nicholas Kristof. I know y’all know who he is, but its cooler to see his name as a link. 😉

Nonprofits Fret Over Proposed Immigration Bill
Nonprofits are concerned about a bill currently before the
Congress that would criminalize many activities related to
providing services to undocumented immigrants. As this article
from the San Diego, CA area details, the proposed legislation
would place considerable pressure on nonprofits to verify the
immigration status of anyone they help place in day labor
positions, with the threat of fines and jail time for those that
assist undocumented workers.

Read more here.


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