April 10, 2006

Internships with the Union of Concerned Scientists

Posted in internships and jobs at 10:43 am by cuenv-main

The Union of Concerned Scientists is looking to fill two internships in their Washington, D.C. office this summer:

  • Clean Energy Internship, to “assist in planning and implementing state and federal campaigns to promote clean, renewable energy,” and
  • Scientific Integrity Program Internship, to “work with the Scientific Integrity Program (SIP) team to strengthen communication with the scientific community and raise awareness about scientific integrity with policy makers, the media, and the general public.” Relevant background:

    The scientific community over the past several years has witnessed unprecedented and pervasive manipulation, suppression, and distortion of federal government agency science research and federal advisory committees. The UCS Scientific Integrity Program (SIP) works to prevent this practice by publicizing abuses of science, organizing scientists to educate decision makers about the problem and needed reforms, and working to implement systemic changes that will improve the role and effectiveness of science in federal policy making.

Check the UCS internships page for details and application information. Non-US citizens are also welcome to apply.


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