April 14, 2006

NYAS Conference: How Cities Achieve Sustainability

Posted in other groups and events at 8:49 am by Aditi Sriram

The New York Academy of Sciences invites you to a conference on How Cities Choose Their Paths Towards Sustainability.

Speaker: Kent Portney, Tufts University

Discussant: Marla Simpson, Director, Mayor's Office of Contract Services, New York City

For the first time in history, more than half of the world's people reside in metropolitan areas. If we are to have a livable world, operating within global environmental and resource limits, then cities must, of necessity, become more sustainable.

In the United States, movement towards urban sustainability has taken the form of a series of municipal initiatives. These early-adopter cities have recognized that sustainability programs have multi-faceted benefits in promoting environmental, economic, and social well-being.

The scope and organization of many of these efforts have been examined by Kent Portney, professor of political science at Tufts University, in his book, Taking Sustainable Cities Seriously: A Comparative Analysis of Twenty-Three U.S. Cities.

Professor Portney will speak about what we can learn from these cities' varying programs. How and why do they choose to move towards greater sustainability and how do they make that choice meaningful in concrete ways.

Professor Portney's presentation will be followed by remarks by Marla Simpson, who directs the Mayor's Office of Contract Services and is the chief procurement officer for the City of New York. She is on the steering committee of the Mayor's Task Force on Sustainability. Her office will implement a new series of green purchasing laws. There is much left to do on New York's sustainability agenda and much to learn from the experience of others.

Date: Wednesday 4/26, 6.00PM – 7.15PM
Location: New York Academy of Sciences – 2 E 63rd Street, between 5th Ave and Madison Ave

Click here to RSVP. If you have any difficulty, register here.


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