April 17, 2006

Solar One Presents: Electronics Recycling in NYC

Posted in other groups and events at 12:44 pm by Aditi Sriram

Solar One Presents: The Green Renter – Electronics Recycling in NYC

Tuesday, 4/18, 7PM — FREE

With Christine Datz-Romero, Lower East Side Ecology Center

The ongoing integration of electronics and everyday life has a corresponding impact on the nature of waste production, management and the environmental concerns that surround them. While electronic devices contribute to less than 1% of the waste stream by volume, they are responsible for an estimated 40% of the toxins that accumulate in our landfills. However, the components of TVs, computers and other electronic devices may be substantially diverted from the waste stream in the presence of comprehensive recycling policies designed to recuperate resources, rather than bury them.It is no surprise that New York City is a voracious consumer, and therefore disposer, of electronic goods. Accordingly, our lifestyle is increasingly responsible for an environmental burden that has grown international in scope, given the globalization of waste disposal. Fortunately, there is a rising tide of policies and grassroots initiatives succeeding and gaining momentum that are leading the way to responsible and creative solutions to NYC's e-waste burden.

The Lower East Side Ecology Center has long been at the center of successful efforts to divert local e-waste away from landfills and into recycling loops. Join Christine Datz-Romero, director of the Lower East Side Ecology Center, for a discussion of local programs, political proposals and the future of e-recycling in NYC.

RSVP required: phone: (212) 505-6050 or email.

* Refreshments for the Green Renter are generously provided courtesy of the Birdbath Bakery, NYC's only sustainably designed destination for amazing cookies and confections. Find out more about The City Bakery's newest green venture.


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