April 18, 2006

Earth Week: websites to check out

Posted in cu groups and events, event summaries at 6:36 pm by Aditi Sriram

At the Power Half-Hour on Tuesday 4/18, over delicious Saigon Grill, Molly from EarthCo told us all about ways in which we can reduce consumption and be more environmentally aware in our daily lives. Here’s a list of websites you should check out, for programs that involve recycling toothbrushes, lightbulbs, conserving power and using fewer plastic bags…

*Earth Coalition
*Columbia Conserves
*A musical festival to celebrate our beatiful planet
*Council on the Environment of NYC
*To recycle toothbrushes and more…
*A cool rewards system to increase household recycling; participants earn rewards at partner businesses such as Starbucks, Whole Foods, and Patagonia. Started by CU alums; going strong in PA and currently expanding.
*Post any item here that you might be throwing away and offer it to other group members for free
*National Resources Defense Council provides an in-brief guide on what and how to recycle in NYC
*Know your city’s recycling policies and report a building’s recycling violations
*Environmental Literacy Council covers everything from Avian Flu to climate change to sustainability with global resources
*UN Environmental Programme is oriented toward programs developing under the influence of a new informed and active generation of global citizens
*Why water exhaustion / contamination is a present global crisis and what you can do about it
*Water Environment Federation
*Biodegradable Products Institute
National Wildlife Federation’s Campus Ecology
*Coop America

Stay tuned for other Earth Week events on campus!


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