April 26, 2006

The Meatrix I And II!

Posted in other groups and events at 8:50 am by Aditi Sriram

Every day, more and more people are choosing to eat sustainably, from changing their buying habits to helping their whole community eat healthier, locally-grown food. Find out what you can do to get involved in this exciting movement!

Join the Meatrix Team! Every time you help the sustainable food movement – from talking to your friends to contacting your congressperson to hosting a sustainable dinner party – you can earn Pill Points. Simply register and join The Parlour, our online forum, to collect points. While there, you can meet other people from around the world who are also making the switch to healthier, sustainable food.

The first Meatrix film is still going gangbusters! In March alone, over half a million NEW people watched the movie. And we had over 23 million hits to the web site in March! Absolutely amazing for a film that’s been out for over 2 1/2 years. TM2 is coming on strong just after release with over 6,500 people a day and over 1 1/2 million hits since the beginning of April.

We’re currently working on a Mandarin and Cantonese version of the film, as well as a Kiswahili version of TM1. (If you know anyone in New York that speaks Kiswahili fluently, please let us know! We’re looking for people to be the voice of Moopheus and Leo.)

We’ve also released a Braziliain Portuguese version of the first film, which was the most popular page on our site in March. And we’ve already had a volunteer offer to translate TM2 into Portuguese. And the Italian TM2 is also underway.

Learn more about other organizations, such as LOHAS through the Meatrix website…


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