April 26, 2006

Urban Research Workshop 2006 Findings: Sustainability in an International Urban Context (Mexico DF and NYC)

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Profs. Sudhir Venkatesh, Pablo Piccato, and Sumila Gulyani will co-host tonight's (4/26) presentation of the findings of this year's Urban Research Workshop at 6 PM in Wien Lounge:

Sustainability in an International Urban Context: Mexico City and New York City

Following a brief presentation of the research findings of the twelve workshop participants, Professor Pablo Piccato and Dr. Sumila Gulyani will address the research through an interactive panel discussion. Professor Piccato is an Associate Professor of History at Columbia and Dr. Gulyani is an Assistant Professor of Urban Planning in Columbia's Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation.

Light refreshments will be served.

The excellent and erudite Hannah Roth will be presenting, and in general I'm incredibly excited to hear about the findings.

– Six


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