July 9, 2006

cuenv Fall 2006 Plans

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Starting in August I’ll be working for Columbia Housing and Dining to formalize the Eco-Reps program. I’ll be conducting the majority of the outreach here on the blog, and encouraging people with opinions and feedback to provide them in the form of comments. Once classes start, I plan to shift the ‘events’ content of the site over to a web-based calendar like that offered by Brown Bear Software, and shift the posted content here to focus on things like event wrap-ups, outreach and collaboration among student groups, and policy discussion. Check out the cuenv project page on my personal site or send me an email if you’re interested or want to help out.

– Six


April 27, 2006

CUPID Panel: The Adverse Effects of Imbalanced Media Coverage on African Development

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Tonight (Thursday 4/27) from 6 to 8 PM in 1118 IAB, CUPID will hold a panel discussion on the adverse effect of imbalanced media coverage on African development. Anyone who has been paying attention to development issues in Africa knows that this is a fairly nontrivial problem. CUPID addresses the issues with a typically star-studded panel:

Africans have long bemoaned what they consider to be sensationalistic and pessimistic American news coverage of their continent, citing pervasive coverage of such “negative” topics like AIDS, famine and civil conflicts. Many argue that the incessant image of a dysfunctional Africa makes attracting investors an arduous task for some deserving African countries. If investment opportunities fail to find their way into Africa, jobs, and hence, wealth will not be created. Thus, some argue, Africa’s pessimistic and sensationalistic media image comes at a decidedly high cost.

At this event, a four-person panel will explore the validity of this development theory, addressing the following: “Does news coverage of Africa really focus on pessimistic and sensationalistic topics any more than other world regions, and why?” “If yes, do journalists have a duty to do more “positive” African stories?” “How exactly does this coverage impact economic development?” “How can African and American journalists better project Africa in a more comprehensive and holistic light?”

A panel discussion featuring:

Prof. Bill Berkeley, School of International and Pubic Affairs, Columbia University. Bill Berkeley is an Adjunct Professor of International Affairs at SIPA and the author of The Graves Are Not Yet Full — Race, Tribe and Power in the Heart of Africa (2001). He is a former reporter and editorial writer for The New York Times, and for more than a decade he reported on African affairs for The Atlantic Monthly, The New Republic, The Washington Post and the New York Times Magazine.

Milton Allimadi, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of The Black Star News. Milton Allimadi attended the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University before commencing a career that includes stints at The Journal of Commerce, The Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. In 1997, Allimadi founded The Black Star News, a publication that prides itself as the voice for under-represented people. Mr. Allimadi is also the author of the best-selling book The Hearts of Darkness, How White Writers Created the Racist Image of Africa.

Professor Beverly G. Hawk, Miles College (Birmingham, Alabama). Dr. Beverly Hawk is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Miles College, where she teaches international studies, public administration and government. In 1992, the Society of Professional Journalists conferred Dr. Hawk with the prestigious Sigma Delta Chi Award Medallion for her work Africa’s Media Image, a collection of writings by leading journalists and scholars that has shaped the field of study. In 2000, the U.S. Secretary of Education and the U.S. Secretary of State joined to honor Dr. Hawk with the Millennium International Volunteer Award for initiatives in pursuit of international understanding.

Professor Asgede Hagos, Delaware State University. Dr. Asgede Hagos is a Professor of Mass Communications at Delaware State University. He is the author of Hardened Images: The Western Media and the Marginalization of Africa. Dr. Hagos is also President of the Organization of Eritrean Americans.

The event is sponsored by The Institute of African Studies (IAS), The Africana Association (Columbia Business School) and International Media and Communications, SIPA (IMC).

Food will be involved.

April 26, 2006

Urban Research Workshop 2006 Findings: Sustainability in an International Urban Context (Mexico DF and NYC)

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Profs. Sudhir Venkatesh, Pablo Piccato, and Sumila Gulyani will co-host tonight's (4/26) presentation of the findings of this year's Urban Research Workshop at 6 PM in Wien Lounge:

Sustainability in an International Urban Context: Mexico City and New York City

Following a brief presentation of the research findings of the twelve workshop participants, Professor Pablo Piccato and Dr. Sumila Gulyani will address the research through an interactive panel discussion. Professor Piccato is an Associate Professor of History at Columbia and Dr. Gulyani is an Assistant Professor of Urban Planning in Columbia's Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation.

Light refreshments will be served.

The excellent and erudite Hannah Roth will be presenting, and in general I'm incredibly excited to hear about the findings.

– Six

Environmental Engineering Design Projects Presentation

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The seniors in the Environmental Engineering department will be presenting their design projects in 918 Mudd from 1 to 3 PM this Friday 4/28. Like the environmental poster session last weeek at Barnard, this event should be a great way to (quickly) learn about some of the cutting-edge intellectual work that's happening on campus–not to mention to find out what the seniors will be up to when they go out into the world!

CUPID: Follow-Up To Urbanization Conference, And Other Final Events

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CUPID presents their final events of the semester:

1. Urban Planning Conference
(this is a great follow-up for those who attended, or those who
missed, our Conference on Urbanization in the Developing World)

“Searching for the Just City”

Saturday, April 29th
9:30AM – 6:00PM
Wood Auditorium, Avery Hall
Columbia University, GSAPP

Sessions include:

* Economic Development & Social Justice: Can the Just City Be a
Competitive City?
* Diversity and the Just City
* Planning New York City
* The Just City — Towards a New Urban Agenda?

Urban planning as a discipline has been strongly influenced by a
belief in social change and a desire to either diminish or
eradicate the manifold inequalities that characterize cities and
the societies in which they are embedded. Susan Fainstein’s
conception of the “Just City” encourages planners and policy makers
to embrace a normative approach to urban planning that combines
progressive planners’ earlier focus on equity and material
well-being with more recent concerns such as diversity,
participation, and sustainability to establish a better quality of
human and urban life within the context of a global capitalist
political economy. Organized by Columbia University’s Urban
Planning doctoral students, this one-day conference “Searching for
the Just City” aims to thank Susan Fainstein for her contributions
as a Professor and Director of our program, to honor her scholarly
contributions as one of the leading urban theorists of the present
day, and to critically discuss the question of whether her — or
any other — vision of the “Just City” can guide future planners to
make cities a better place.

Presented by: The Department of Urban Planning, the Graduate School
of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, and Columbia University

2. Film Screening: China Blue

Wednesday, April 26 at 6:00 pm
SIPA Room 918, Weatherhead East Asian Institute
Snacks and drinks provided

Join us for a night of film, food, discussion, and action,

China Blue (2006, 87 minutes), shot clandestinely in China, is the
inside story of a blue-jeans factory where workers are trying to
survive the harsh working environment. The film paints a nuanced,
tender and ultimately moving portrait of the daily lives of the
young workers, mostly rural women, who make clothes for
multinational retail corporations. The film brings the complex
issues of globalization to the human level.

“China Blue makes a stronger case against worker exploitation than
any news item could.” =96 Variety. China Blue won the Amnesty Human
Rights Award at the International Documentary Festival in

Post-screening discussion and how you can get involved, featuring:

Andrew J. Nathan
Class of 1919 Professor; Chair, Department of Political Science,
Columbia University; Board Member, China Labor Watch and Human
Rights in China.

Christine Clarke
China Program Coordinator, National Labor Committee.

Moderator: Sara (Meg) Davis
China Action; Author of Song and Silence: Ethnic revival on China’s
southwest borders (Columbia University Press).

China Blue is co-sponsored by the CU Corporate Social Responsibility
Network, China Action, CU Partnership for International Development
(CUPID), and the Human Rights Working Group.

The Weatherhead East Asian Institute is located on the 9th Floor of
the School for International and Public Affairs (SIPA) on the
campus of Columbia University at Amsterdam Avenue and West 118th

2. Africa Townhall Meeting

Africa Townhall Meeting, A SPAN Initiative
Be a Part of Reform at Columbia University

When: Wednesday April 26th, 2006, 6-8pm
Where: Kent Hall, Room 413 (116th & Amsterdam)
Why: To revitalize the African Studies Program at Columbia

Did you know that the Institute of African Studies has not had a
permanent director since 2004? Make your voice heard!

In attendance: V.P. Nicholas Dirks (Vice President of Arts and
Sciences), Dean Lisa Anderson (Dean of SIPA), and more…


Supporting Student Organizations:
Africana (Business School)
African Law Students Association
African Students Working Group (TC)
Columbia University Partnership in International Development (CUPID)
Conflict Resolution Working Group (SIPA)
Humanitarian Affairs Working Group (SIPA)
Human Rights Working Group

Send an email to subscribe to the CUPID listserve. In the body of the email write: Subscribe cupid “your email address” (but no quotes)

April 24, 2006

Thursday: CERC Open House

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The Columbia Center for Environmental Research and Conservation, home to such badass characters as Don Melnick and Maria Uriarte, will be holding an Open House in their department office on the very well-appointed 10th Floor of Schermerhorn Extension from 6 to 8 PM on Thursday 4/27.

April 19, 2006

Panel Tonight: Our World in Climate Change

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Tonight (Wednesday 4/19) we ("we" being EarthCo) have a panel of climate scientists–Adam Sobel from Columbia Applied Physics/LDEO, Yochanan Kushnir from LDEO/CICAR, and Ron Miller from NASA GISS–gathering in Davis Auditorium in the Schapiro CEPSR building from 7 to 9 PM to talk about climate change, hurricanes, and climate policy–and take your questions! I'll be moderating, and we have some kind of free food from…somewhere. I'm not sure where it's from, but it should be good.

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April 18, 2006

Earth Week: websites to check out

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At the Power Half-Hour on Tuesday 4/18, over delicious Saigon Grill, Molly from EarthCo told us all about ways in which we can reduce consumption and be more environmentally aware in our daily lives. Here’s a list of websites you should check out, for programs that involve recycling toothbrushes, lightbulbs, conserving power and using fewer plastic bags…

*Earth Coalition
*Columbia Conserves
*A musical festival to celebrate our beatiful planet
*Council on the Environment of NYC
*To recycle toothbrushes and more…
*A cool rewards system to increase household recycling; participants earn rewards at partner businesses such as Starbucks, Whole Foods, and Patagonia. Started by CU alums; going strong in PA and currently expanding.
*Post any item here that you might be throwing away and offer it to other group members for free
*National Resources Defense Council provides an in-brief guide on what and how to recycle in NYC
*Know your city’s recycling policies and report a building’s recycling violations
*Environmental Literacy Council covers everything from Avian Flu to climate change to sustainability with global resources
*UN Environmental Programme is oriented toward programs developing under the influence of a new informed and active generation of global citizens
*Why water exhaustion / contamination is a present global crisis and what you can do about it
*Water Environment Federation
*Biodegradable Products Institute
National Wildlife Federation’s Campus Ecology
*Coop America

Stay tuned for other Earth Week events on campus!

April 16, 2006

EWB at Labyrinth Bookstore for Earth Week

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Labyrinth Books and CU’s Engineers Without Borders present
An evening of Sustainable Development
And a Report on Project Obodan in Rural Ghana
Wednesday 4/19, 7PM

Labyrinth Books agenda:

All day in-store — 10% of sales donated to EWB

7PM Wine and Cheese Reception — meet EWB, learn about their work

8PM Prize Drawing — enter to win jewelry, gift certificates to local businesses and restaurants, etc

The generosity of Labyrinth Books and other supporters and donors will fund the implementation of EWB’s next project, in the village of Sakyikram, near Obodan, Ghana.


We’re changing the world, one village at a time.

We are Columbia University students committed to designing and implementing practical technical solutions to improve the quality of life in developing communities.

We establish long-term relationships with local organizations and community groups and work to engage in mutually beneficial, culturally sensitive technological exchange.

We use technology; we use creativity. We build relationships; we build communities.

Six is mightily involved in this; support him and this noble cause!

April 9, 2006

CUPID Events: Asylum Panel; Happy Hour Fundraiser; Forum on Climate Change

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These upcoming events from the Columbia University Partnership for International Development:

Asylum Seeking in the United States: Personal Perspectives and Advocacy
A Panel Discussion featuring

  • Giliane Cherubin, Human Rights First
  • Jean Pierre Kamwa, Former Detainee
  • Aster Kidane, Sojourner’s Ministry

Columbia University School of Social Work Room C03, Tuesday 4/11 7:30 PM

Happy Hour Fundraiser
Help fund raise for CUPID’s international development project in Central America that is empowering women through education and employment. ($5 donation encouraged.)

Radio Perfecto (Uptown)
1187 Amsterdam at 118th
8 to 11 PM

Forum on Climate Change
in Collaboration with SIPA and the Earth Institute
SIPA 15th Floor, Tuesday 4/18 7 to 9 PM

Look out for details on the climate change forum in a forthcoming post.

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