April 18, 2006

Earth Week: websites to check out

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At the Power Half-Hour on Tuesday 4/18, over delicious Saigon Grill, Molly from EarthCo told us all about ways in which we can reduce consumption and be more environmentally aware in our daily lives. Here’s a list of websites you should check out, for programs that involve recycling toothbrushes, lightbulbs, conserving power and using fewer plastic bags…

*Earth Coalition
*Columbia Conserves
*A musical festival to celebrate our beatiful planet
*Council on the Environment of NYC
*To recycle toothbrushes and more…
*A cool rewards system to increase household recycling; participants earn rewards at partner businesses such as Starbucks, Whole Foods, and Patagonia. Started by CU alums; going strong in PA and currently expanding.
*Post any item here that you might be throwing away and offer it to other group members for free
*National Resources Defense Council provides an in-brief guide on what and how to recycle in NYC
*Know your city’s recycling policies and report a building’s recycling violations
*Environmental Literacy Council covers everything from Avian Flu to climate change to sustainability with global resources
*UN Environmental Programme is oriented toward programs developing under the influence of a new informed and active generation of global citizens
*Why water exhaustion / contamination is a present global crisis and what you can do about it
*Water Environment Federation
*Biodegradable Products Institute
National Wildlife Federation’s Campus Ecology
*Coop America

Stay tuned for other Earth Week events on campus!


April 12, 2006

Video and Transcripts from State of the Planet 06

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Full video and transcripts from every speech at the State of the Planet 06 Conference (3/28-3/29) is available on the SOP06 website here.

‘Nuff said.

April 8, 2006

Some photographs, and a book about changing the world

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So I attended part of the “CUPID Presents: Urbanization in the Developing World — Perspectives on the Individual” conference on Friday 4/7 and encountered some very interesting social workers, lawyers and students who have been and are still involved in social justice, human rights and urbanization issues all over the world. Although I didn’t get to hear him speak, keynote speaker Robert Neuwirth sounds like a fascinating man. His book, Shadow Cities covers his journeys in 4 cities across the world, and the realizations he accumulates through his travels.

While I was researching Neuwirth and his book, I came across another interesting website about a campaign to change the world, Worldchanging, inspired by a photography contest won by Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky. It asks for donations, to ensure the sustainable development of this planet, but goes deeper than that. Worldchanging writes:

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, this is a conversation, not a sermon. We encourage not just feedback, but active participation, and, yes, challenge. Got a great idea for a resource we’ve missed? Let us know – better yet, write your own recommendation and send it to us. Think we’re off-base with a recommendation we’ve made? Let us know that, too, and what resource you think we should have covered instead. Changing the world is a team sport.

How can you play?

You can let us know what you think by commenting on specific recommendations. Every one of our recommendations includes a comment field at the bottom. We read ’em. So do others. Speak out and share what you know.

You can respond to individual authors by emailing us at the addresses found in our bios.

You can suggest a resource for us to cover by mailing us.

You can write a recommendation yourself. If it works for us, we’ll run it, with your byline. We don’t pay (we don’t even pay ourselves), but the karmic rewards are huge. (If you decide you want to write something for us, you might want to read through our contributors’ guidelines.)

You can let others know about worldchanging. Got a blog? We’d love a link. Have friends who might find reading us worthwhile? Email ’em and let ’em know. Spreading the word is part of the work.

Thanks, y’all!

The WorldChanging Krewe

So explore the website! Enjoy!

April 1, 2006

Symposium: The Economics of Open Content

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Intelligent Television held a symposium on The Economics of Open Content at MIT in January, and they have now posted all the audio online for free in MP3 format. The titles sound fascinating:

  • Collaboration and the Marketplace
  • New Models of Creative Production in the Digital Age
  • Keynote Address: Openness as an Ethos
  • The Wealth of Networks
  • The Economics of Knowledge as a Public Good
  • The Economics of Open Courseware
  • The Economics of Open Text
  • Convergence Culture: Consumer Participation and the Economics of Mass Media
  • The Economics of the Music Industry
  • If Only We Knew Yesterday What We Know Today
  • The Economics of Open Archives, Museums, and Libraries I
  • The Economics of Open Archives, Museums, and Libraries II
  • The Economics of the Public Domain
  • The Economics of Film and Television I
  • The Economics of Film and Television II
  • The New Economics of Gaming
  • Everything is Miscellaneous
  • Business Interests in Open Content
  • Next Steps: Cooperation Across Institutions and Industries
  • If you listen to any of them and find it particularly noteworthy, shoot me an email and I’ll post your summary/comments.

    March 29, 2006

    State of the Planet 06 Roundup, Notes, & Video Impending

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    For those of you who didn’t get to attend the amazing State of the Planet 06 conference today and yesterday, we’ll be posting a comprehensive set of notes for both days sometime this weekend; you can thank Aditi for her hard work and mad notetaking skills. Also, the conference staff will be posting video and audio here, presumably pretty soon as well.

    February 26, 2006

    2nd StartingBloc Institute Event Wrap-up

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    Yesterday was the second event in the 2006 StartingBloc Institute for Social Innovation. It was held here at the Columbia Business School; speakers included Tom Szaky, founder of TerraCycle, the company that produces the world’s first product made from and packaged entirely in waste, and Geoffrey Heal, a professor at the Columbia Business School and author of such seminal works in ecological economics as Nature and the Marketplace.

    Two exceptional individuals who I had the pleasure of meeting were Dev Aujla, founder of DreamNow, a non-profit organization that connects young changemakers to mentors already involved in local and global projects, and aujCollections, a clothing line with a similar purpose; and Kevin Bao, co-founder of eonfire, a recently formed network that aims to connect aspiring social entrepreneus via an international network of campus chapters. If you’re interested in working on any of these projects, feel free to contact any of their respective teams via their websites, or to contact me directly if you have any questions.

    January 23, 2006

    Africa Institute at CUPID Journalism Piñata

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    Fascinating presentation at CUPID’s Journalism Piñata tonight: a four-year professional journalist turned School of International & Public Affairs student is working to start a nonprofit news service focused on African issues, with an eye to catalyzing a paradigm shift in the way the African continent is portrayed in Western (and African) media. Specifically, he hopes to help foster development on the continent by expanding awareness of the economic opportunities there, and by making clear that the vast majority of countries there that people tend to think of as economically and socially hopeless are most decidedly not so. I’m on his listserv, so more details to follow.