March 20, 2007

Forum-based ‘community’ for envspace issues

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AboutMyPlanet is a (relatively) new site like WorldChanging, TreeHugger, etc., only with a forum. Could be useful—


May 16, 2006

Eduardo Galeano and Arundhati Roy at the Town Hall

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The Lannan Foundation and the Center for Economic Research and Social Change are cosponsoring a joint appearance by renowned Lannan Prize-winning author-activists Eduardo Galeano and Arundhati Roy at the Town Hall (at 123 West 43rd St) at 7 PM on Sunday 5/21. Tickets are $15 and are on sale at the Town Hall Box Office and on Ticketmaster.

Sorry, did I say Arundhati Roy is going to be there? 'Cause, Arundhati Roy is going to be there.

May 4, 2006

“Are You Green?”: Green Drinks at The Park

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I realize this is during finals, but if you need to unwind next week with some intelligent, talented and motivated people…

WHAT: Every month people who work in the environmental field meet up for a beer at informal sessions known as Green Drinks – it’s a chance to mix with other like-minded folks, to network, share info and make friends.
WHEN: Tuesday, 5/9; 6PM – 11PM
WHERE: A different place each month. Join us this month at “The Park” (in the PENTHOUSE – upstairs with an outside deck):
118 Tenth Avenue at 18th Street, West Side, New York City
Telephone: 212-352-3313.
$5 suggested donation.
Happy hour drinks until 10 pm.
Come inside and walk to the back stairs, we will be upstairs – or ask for the Penthouse.
HOW: Walk, cycle, bus, subway, taxi (ok if more than two passengers.)
WHO: Anyone working on environmental issues, studying them, thinking green, likes networking, and being social.
WHY: Fun, contacts, alcohol, info, gossip, inspiration, business and pleasure.
NEW: Just go up to someone and say “are you green?”, and you’ll be made welcome.
STATUS: Informal, self-organizing network. Every month since July, 2001. Average attendance: 100.
GLOBAL: London | Berlin | Bristol | Bath | Canberra | Hamburg | Munich | Oxford | Reading | Warsaw | Tokyo | Washington, DC | Peterborough | San Francisco | Chicago | Sacramento | New York City | Providence | Twin Cities | Portland, OR | Seattle | Houston


About green-links AND GREEN DRINKS

green-links is an online resource for the environmental community in New York City, providing a clearinghouse for all things ‘green’ in the city. This includes event announcements, articles, job listings and more.

Green Drinks is the offline counterpart to green-links, providing the opportunity for ‘green’ folks to meet up with each other once a month in a casual and fun environment to share information, make friends, and network, face-to-face.

Both green-links and Green Drinks are meant to help bring together the environmental community in New York City. As such, they depend on YOU to make them great. If you have suggestions, questions or comments, or wish to subscribe to our mailing list, drop us a line.


April 29, 2006

Mukhtar Mai Speaks at the UN

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Thanks to Anastasia at The Hunger Project for the heads-up on this:

On May 2nd, 2006 Ms. Mukhtar Mai will return to New York to speak at The United Nations. Honored as "Woman of the Year" by Glamour magazine, Mai was gang raped in 2002 on the orders of a panchayat, or tribal court, as retribution for an offense allegedly committed by her younger brother. Defying social stigma and the culture of shame surrounding rape victims in Pakistan, Mai not only spoke out about her rape, but in an act of unprecedented courage, took her rapists to court. In a remarkable effort to challenge a system designed to deny women justice, Mai has been fighting an uphill legal battle for the past three years. She is now appealing her case before the Pakistani Supreme Court following a lower court's release of five of the acquitted men charged of the crime.

The event will take place Tuesday 5/2 at 12 PM in Conference Room 8 at the United Nations HQ at 46th St & 1st Ave. Admission is free, but attendees are asked to RSVP to More background information is available on the Mukhtar Mai Wikipedia entry; more information about the event is available on the Virtue Foundation event page.

April 26, 2006

The Meatrix I And II!

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Every day, more and more people are choosing to eat sustainably, from changing their buying habits to helping their whole community eat healthier, locally-grown food. Find out what you can do to get involved in this exciting movement!

Join the Meatrix Team! Every time you help the sustainable food movement – from talking to your friends to contacting your congressperson to hosting a sustainable dinner party – you can earn Pill Points. Simply register and join The Parlour, our online forum, to collect points. While there, you can meet other people from around the world who are also making the switch to healthier, sustainable food.

The first Meatrix film is still going gangbusters! In March alone, over half a million NEW people watched the movie. And we had over 23 million hits to the web site in March! Absolutely amazing for a film that’s been out for over 2 1/2 years. TM2 is coming on strong just after release with over 6,500 people a day and over 1 1/2 million hits since the beginning of April.

We’re currently working on a Mandarin and Cantonese version of the film, as well as a Kiswahili version of TM1. (If you know anyone in New York that speaks Kiswahili fluently, please let us know! We’re looking for people to be the voice of Moopheus and Leo.)

We’ve also released a Braziliain Portuguese version of the first film, which was the most popular page on our site in March. And we’ve already had a volunteer offer to translate TM2 into Portuguese. And the Italian TM2 is also underway.

Learn more about other organizations, such as LOHAS through the Meatrix website…

April 25, 2006

New York City Local Jam: addressing social justice

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Youth of New York City Unite!

Are you young and interested in social change? Do you believe that our generation has a historical opportunity to embrace diversity and join forces for social and political transformation? Join twenty of the leading young social and political leaders from the New York tri-state area for 5 days of exploration, celebration, and alliance building. The retreat culminates in the development of new and collaborative projects.

The New York City Local Jam
June 8-12, 2006
Apply now! Application Deadline is May 15…

The NYC Local Jam is an informal, five day gathering where participants share experiences, discuss organizing strategies, and build relationships with each other. The gathering removes people from their normal environments and inspires new opportunities. The New York City Local JAM Retreats build relationships based on trust and mutual understanding among diverse young activists in the city. Participants come from positions of influence and leadership in groups throughout New York working for peace, environmental protection, human and children’s rights and social justice. Together, we create a community where participants can be honest and authentic about race, gender relations, prejudice, the internal motivations and external factors that drive and influence their activism, the common problems facing youth in New York City and the challenge of global sustainability. We create an atmosphere of compassion where participants can view their work as an open, on-going educational and learning process and provide a platform for mutual sharing, learning, networking and community building among some of the young people who will shape the new millennium.

The word JAM was comes from the culture of musicians who gather and play unrehearsed, improvised music – communicating with each other in a universal language. The process leads to moments of inspiration, action, and power. During the Local JAM something similar happens. There is open dialogue, discovery, and most importantly an understanding of differences (and similarities) that celebrate and give value to human diversity.

Contact Jessica for info or apply here to attend this free retreat!

What are the objectives of the NYC Local JAM?
(1) To raise awareness and connect diverse, young social leaders of New York by sharing experiences and visions of the youth movement locally and globally;
(2) To launch a self-sustaining youth network in New York that integrates the diversity if the city and is active both face to face and virtually through the Internet;
(3) To develop new partnerships and collaborative projects, help them gain visibility and attract funding;
(4) To strengthen youth participation in local government structures

When and where will the NYC Local JAM take place?
June 8-12, 2006, at a retreat center in upstate New York (Participants will leave as a group by charter bus from Grand Central Station in Manhattan, New York, on June 8, at 9 AM, and will return to the same location at 6 PM on June 12.)

Selection Criteria
Leadership – Good candidates for participation in the JAM should have experience implementing a project that has measurable results. In their application they should show real personal leadership and not simply team participation.
Critical and analytical thought – Good candidates should have political consciousness, have specific points of view about local and international issues and be able to justify their opinions.
Commitment and Availability – Good candidates should be available to contribute and participate in the New York Youth Network.
Diversity – In the selection process, personality types, race, strengths/weaknesses, sexual orientation, religion, and socioeconomic diversity will be considered for the purpose of bringing together a diverse group.

Projected Results
• Stronger networks of New York City youth activists;
• New and collaborative projects;
• Ongoing dialogue open to social and governmental organizations that focus on the issues of youth, with leadership from Jam participants;
• Project Development Workshops for new and collaborative youth led projects around the city;
• A Fundraising Auction to direct funds and attract attention to new and collaborative projects.
• Greater unity and trust among local and regional youth groups;
• A website that reports about the discussions of the Jam process and links local youth efforts to the rest of the world

This event is for 20 young leaders, from New York City, between the ages of 15 and 35 that identify with one of the following topics:
– Develop action locally in diverse social areas (education, culture, health, civil/human rights, the environment etc.)
– Participate in the debate and articulation of socio-political and socio-economic issues nationally as well as internationally.
– Participate in the creation and implementation of public policies with emphasis on youth and a desire to create a just and equitable world.

Organized by: Global Youth Action Network
Date and time: 9:00am – 6:00pm June 08, 2006 – June 12, 2006
Admission: Free
Registration Deadline: May 15, 2006
Global Youth Action Location:
211 East 43rd Street, Suite 905,
New York, New York, 10017,
United States
Phone: 1-212-661-6111
Fax: 1-212-661-1933

April 24, 2006

Today: Screening of “Paradise Now” with Actor Q&A

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The New York Chapter of the Network of Arab-American Professionals is hosting a screening of the 2006 Golden Globe-winning and Oscar-nominated film Paradise Now (IMDB entry; theatrical trailer):

Join us on Tuesday, April 25th for a special, one night only, screening of PARADISE NOW followed by Q&A with Lead Actors Kais Nashef and Ali Suliman!

The show is at 7 PM today, Tuesday 4/25 at the AMC Empire 25 Theater at Times Square (234 West 42 St bet 7th & 8th Aves). Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at the door or online.

April 17, 2006

Film Screening and Panel on Mainstreaming Sustainability

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This Thursday 4/20:

Eco-movie-producer extraordinaire Pamela Peeters is hosting a screening of the film THIRST to promote the start of the Sustainable Planet film competition.

After the film screening there will be a panel discussion on mainstreaming sustainability, starring none other than Sam Krevor of Columbia University's SustainUS chapter!


Thursday, 4/20

Lincoln Center ( Walter Reade Theater )

1PM movies; 5PM pm panel discussions

Students $10; Adults $20

Order tickets: 917 696 6264

Solar One Presents: Electronics Recycling in NYC

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Solar One Presents: The Green Renter – Electronics Recycling in NYC

Tuesday, 4/18, 7PM — FREE

With Christine Datz-Romero, Lower East Side Ecology Center

The ongoing integration of electronics and everyday life has a corresponding impact on the nature of waste production, management and the environmental concerns that surround them. While electronic devices contribute to less than 1% of the waste stream by volume, they are responsible for an estimated 40% of the toxins that accumulate in our landfills. However, the components of TVs, computers and other electronic devices may be substantially diverted from the waste stream in the presence of comprehensive recycling policies designed to recuperate resources, rather than bury them.It is no surprise that New York City is a voracious consumer, and therefore disposer, of electronic goods. Accordingly, our lifestyle is increasingly responsible for an environmental burden that has grown international in scope, given the globalization of waste disposal. Fortunately, there is a rising tide of policies and grassroots initiatives succeeding and gaining momentum that are leading the way to responsible and creative solutions to NYC's e-waste burden.

The Lower East Side Ecology Center has long been at the center of successful efforts to divert local e-waste away from landfills and into recycling loops. Join Christine Datz-Romero, director of the Lower East Side Ecology Center, for a discussion of local programs, political proposals and the future of e-recycling in NYC.

RSVP required: phone: (212) 505-6050 or email.

* Refreshments for the Green Renter are generously provided courtesy of the Birdbath Bakery, NYC's only sustainably designed destination for amazing cookies and confections. Find out more about The City Bakery's newest green venture.

April 16, 2006

EWB at Labyrinth Bookstore for Earth Week

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Labyrinth Books and CU’s Engineers Without Borders present
An evening of Sustainable Development
And a Report on Project Obodan in Rural Ghana
Wednesday 4/19, 7PM

Labyrinth Books agenda:

All day in-store — 10% of sales donated to EWB

7PM Wine and Cheese Reception — meet EWB, learn about their work

8PM Prize Drawing — enter to win jewelry, gift certificates to local businesses and restaurants, etc

The generosity of Labyrinth Books and other supporters and donors will fund the implementation of EWB’s next project, in the village of Sakyikram, near Obodan, Ghana.


We’re changing the world, one village at a time.

We are Columbia University students committed to designing and implementing practical technical solutions to improve the quality of life in developing communities.

We establish long-term relationships with local organizations and community groups and work to engage in mutually beneficial, culturally sensitive technological exchange.

We use technology; we use creativity. We build relationships; we build communities.

Six is mightily involved in this; support him and this noble cause!

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