August 8, 2006

cuenv 2.0

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cuenv 2.0 is up! Please go check it out. It’s got all the functionality of this site and lots of other cool stuff. Plus, it looks prettier.


July 9, 2006

cuenv Fall 2006 Plans

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Starting in August I’ll be working for Columbia Housing and Dining to formalize the Eco-Reps program. I’ll be conducting the majority of the outreach here on the blog, and encouraging people with opinions and feedback to provide them in the form of comments. Once classes start, I plan to shift the ‘events’ content of the site over to a web-based calendar like that offered by Brown Bear Software, and shift the posted content here to focus on things like event wrap-ups, outreach and collaboration among student groups, and policy discussion. Check out the cuenv project page on my personal site or send me an email if you’re interested or want to help out.

– Six

April 22, 2006

Gentle Reminder

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You tell me that you will help other people after you have enough money to ensure your own comfort, and your family's. But how long will this project take? Chasing financial security is like writing on an oil slick with a felt-tipped pen: it is as misguided as it is futile. Someday you will die. What will you wish you had done?

Posted by Six Silberman.

April 19, 2006

Democratization & Re-Launch of cuenv

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Earlier this morning I invited a host of students, faculty, staff, and administrators to join the cuenv community by contributing event posts, articles, ideas, comments, and thoughts. It is my hope that cuenv will serve to facilitate communication and collaboration between the growing number of people and groups involved in work in the environmental space at Columbia. This work is for all of us, and it is silly that there should not be a place for all of us to talk about it.

If you didn’t get that email and would like to contribute, simply email Aditi or myself and ask for the cuenv main login password.

We’ll give it to you. 🙂

March 21, 2006

New Contributor: Aditi Sriram

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Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to cuenv the inimitable, glamorous, and dashing Aditi Sriram! Be nice to her.

January 22, 2006

Here we are…

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Hi, we’re cuenv. Our short-term objective is to connect groups at Columbia University working on environment, sustainable development, public health, and social justice issues. We hope in time to expand to cover other local goings-on.