April 10, 2006

GreenGrid: Modular Green Roofs

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Modular Green Roofs

Looks like somebody made the obvious-after-the-fact intuitive leap and started making green roofs for those of us too lazy or strapped for capital to make our own. Check it (via Inhabitat).


February 13, 2006

Housing Design: Cardboard Geodesic Domes

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I’m going to start posting interesting design points that may be of interest to people working in the envspace. First up is this Cardboard Geodesic Dome Design originally printed in a 1973 issue of Popular Science and then improved upon and tested at Burning Man:

These domes have served as an effective shelter against wind, extreme heat and, once painted, rainfall.


They are fairly inexpensive to build as recycled cardboard is the main component and, if water-based paint is used, can be burned. The domes are strong enough to attach decorative pieces and lighting components to the inside. Assembly time, on site, is 3 to 4 hours for 3 people constructing one dome with the appropriate tools.

Looks like it could be useful in rural development projects both locally and abroad.